Incremental Object Saver is a Modeler plugin that saves incremental backup copies to a configurable location, so that you always can work with a single main file that never changes name. The saver has a separate command to open the options dialog, where backup location, naming scheme and file limiting can be configured.

Incremental Scene Saver is a Layout plugin that saves incremental backups of scene files in the same fashion as the Incremental Object Saver.

  • Several naming schemes for the incremental backups.
  • Backup files can optionally be compressed as zip or 7-Zip files to save disk space.
  • Backup location can be configured relative to the lwo/lws files or as an absolute path.
  • Option to limit backup files, so it only keeps the specified last number of backups (of each object/scene).
  • Secondary BAK saver command with separate config, that can be used for in-between save backups if regular incremental saves are done less frequently.
  • Free

Plugin Module LW Platform Size
Incremental Object Saver v1.2    (2016-10-03) Modeler 8 - 11 WIN32 / WIN64
163 kb Download
Incremental Scene Saver v1.2    (2016-10-03) Layout 8 - 11 WIN32 / WIN64 163 kb Download