This is a small collection of scripts, or rather script snippets considering their simplicity. They may in some cases be more useful serving as a starting point for further modifications rather than to be used as is. The associated forum threads may contain more information.


Assign (pseudo-)random unique Color value to surfaces. Can apply to all surfaces or only those that are used on polygons in the active FG layer(s). The color uniqueness only pertains to the surfaces which the script assigns colors to, each time the script is invoked.


Export a text file with a list of all mesh object names in a scene.

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Does the same as Weld Average except that no points are merged. A more suitable name might have been CollapseToAverage, but it had already been posted with the CollapseToCenter name so I left that.

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Same functionality as CollapseToCenter except that it works on point pairs. A pair is defined by two points selected consecutively. Any number of pairs can be selected in one go.

Related NewTek forum thread can be found here.

Script Module
RandomizeSurfaceColors    (2013-03-24) Modeler Download
ExportObjectList    (2010-10-03) Layout Download
CollapseToCenter    (2010-10-03) Modeler Download
CollapsePairsToCenter    (2010-10-03) Modeler Download